Die Hasen Stunde Nr.01 – Tomás Eyzaguirre

Die Hasen Stunde Nr.01
Tomás Eyzaguirre, The Absence of Inhibition

‘DIE HASEN STUNDE’, a biannual publication with an experimental approach, featuring cross-disciplinary artists at the early stages of their careers. With each artist, and each issue, I start with a deep, intimate process of introspection. The publication’s visual style changes, morphing in conversation with the featured artist’s work, creating its own rules of appearance. In this space the artist can overcome inhibitions, find directions, and get lost all over again. The publication and platform are a perfect opportunity to create and learn with and about the artists and to understand the dialectic of different types of works. Moreover We recognised publishing as an essential element of our creative and social practice.

We have chosen the newspaper as a medium, firstly because it is a piece or material that can be explored as an art object as it allows anyone to interact with it (destroy, burn, wrap, etc.). Secondly, because We understand the role of tactility in an increasingly digital world. And thirdly, because we think of newspapers as publications where we find relevant news of the world. I wanted to give a glimpse of completely different worlds, as Beatriz Colomina* says when she refers to art magazines from the past: “each little magazine is a portable utopia, a space unrestrained by conventional logic”.

In this first edition We am featuring the multitalented Tomás Eyzaguirre in a retrospective of selected pieces between 2012 and 2021. We wanted to work with Tomás because his work helps us to expand the spectrum of identity, sexuality and beauty. The process started with casual but meaningful conversations.  An image narrative was created, dividing his work into three chapters, referring to pivotal and transformational moments of intense psychological change he experienced. Reflexionó, Entendió y se Purgó (he reflected, he understood and he purged).


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