Positioning, Identity Development, Website Design, Animation.

Benjamin Erben
Ivan Derr
Michael Liu
Maria Helena Toscano
In partnership with St. Oberholz Consulting

Founded in 1872, the Scholz Group is one of Germany’s most established recycling companies. It supplies hundreds of steelworks, foundries and smelters around the world with secondary raw material scrap. After its recent acquisition by Chiho Environmental Group (CEG) from China, the newly founded company was facing organisational and cultural challenges in a rapidly changing market.

To deal with those challenges and unite all staff behind a united vision and goal, a global change program called HERO was initiated. HERO provides an effective and structured framework to help change the way people work together and it supports the overall company goal to remain competitive in the future as one company and play an active role in a globalised recycling market.

The main colour – a bright yellow – mirrors the vests worn by the workers on the sites. It is paired with the original colour blue from the Scholz corporate identity to ensure recognisability among staff. The logo is a hero’s cape, to underline the program’s ambition. The overall design language including the font and illustration style is bold, modern, dynamic, lively and young and in stark contrast to the competition. The world of recycling is changing at high speed. HERO is a reflection of this development.


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